What's at the fair?

Here's what you'll find on the shelves of a Follett Book Fair.

What’s a book fair without a wide selection of books?

Follett Book Fairs create a bookstore experience for students and families. That means you’ll find a variety of titles that reflect your students’ interests and backgrounds.

The Books Kids Want at a Price They Can Afford

Every student should walk out of the book fair with an armful of books. That’s why we’ve paid close attention to the mix and pricing of the books on the shelves.

Prices start at only $2.
Prices Start at $2 Graphic

There's something for everyone! Follett also has a value-priced tabletop option with books starting at $1.

80% of the fair selection is paperback. 80% of fair selection is paperback graphic

Hot titles and recent releases are available in paperback.

There's new inventory every season. 75% of inventory brand new every season graphic

When you host two Follett Book Fairs a year, up to 75% of the inventory will be brand new to your students.

Follett Exclusives

Follett Book Fairs feature a variety of titles you won’t find anywhere else. Each season, select fairs will include exclusive tie-ins with some of the books at your fair.

We’ll also include a Complete Your Series catalog. It features other books in popular series at your fair. When a student purchases one book from a series, give them the opportunity to order other titles. Students can also preorder select future releases. We’ll ship the orders to your school, and your fair will be credited for the added revenue!

A Bookstore, Not a Toy Store,
In Your School

Remember when book fairs were actually about books? Follett Book Fairs feature fewer non-book items. You don’t need to sell toys and trinkets to have a successful fair when you have a strong selection of titles that students are excited to read. Your fair will feature a Reading and Writing Center that includes a few items that are purposeful and tied to literacy.

A Fair That Reflects Your Students

We know every school is different, and no one knows your students better than you do. You’ll have the option to customize your fair with tabletop displays.

Topics span everything from sports and humor, to gaming and more, plus Spanish books and award winners. There will be something that appeals to every student and their family at your fair. Each display comes pre-merchandised, with the books already organized and ready for shoppers.


#AllBooksForAllKids is about getting students excited to read by introducing them to books that are reflective of their experiences and expanding their understanding of the world around them.

We’ve teamed up with authors Kwame Alexander and
James Patterson to support our mission to spread a love for reading. Select fairs will feature books picked by Kwame Alexander and an assortment of James Patterson’s most popular reads for kids.

Excitement-Building Resources

We’ve highlighted our most popular titles that are sure to build enthusiasm with your readers. You’ll be provided with anticipation-building title highlight flyers for students to take home, create a wish list and circle their favorites.

You’ll also have access to title highlight videos promoting the hottest books and newest releases students can find at your fair. Title Talks provide conversation starters and questions to get students talking about the books they’ll see at the fair.

Check out our title promotion materials. ›

It’s simple: When reading is fun, students read more.

Let's Get Started

What makes reading fun? Recognizable characters and the hottest new releases are always a draw. With a wide selection of carefully selected titles, Follett Book Fairs feature the
books students want.

Learn more about running your fair or the rewards you can earn.

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