What's in the eFair?

Here’s what you’ll find in your Follett Book eFair.

What’s a book fair without a wide selection of books?

Follett Book eFairs for the school provide a new way for students and families to shop for books. They’ll find a variety of titles that reflect all interests and backgrounds.

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The Books Kids Want at a Price They Can Afford

eFairs give students a convenient, affordable way to grow their at-home libraries. Students can browse recent releases by popular authors or add an old favorite to their shelves. You can expect to see 80% of the choices available in paperback and low-priced books so that every student can find something.

Every Student Can Participate with Value-Priced BooksPrices Start at $2 Graphic

Hot Titles and Recent Releases Available as Affordable Paperbacks 80% of fair selection is paperback graphic

New Inventory Every Fall and Spring 75% of inventory brand new every season graphic

Suggested Book Lists

We regularly update the mix of books. You can get started with our preselected book recommendations. Each fall and spring season, we’ll refresh the eFair with lots of new titles, so that your students can pick up the latest graphic novels, new nonfiction books , or stories featuring their favorite characters.

Photo of creating recommended books

photo of recommended books

Customizable Selection

You also have the control to make book recommendations for your students or add titles. Tie in books related to the topics or lessons teachers are covering in class to build connections between school reading and home reading. You know your students best — include books you are sure they will enjoy.

Excitement-Building Resources

Our Title highlights flyers feature the most popular books that are sure to get students excited for the eFair. You’ll be provided with flyers to send home with students, as well as digital flyers you can also send directly to parents’ inboxes. Students can start building their wish lists and circle their must-haves!

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Photo of creating recommended books

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It’s simple: When reading is fun, students will read more.

What gets students to turn the page? Combine a fun story with recognizable characters and the hottest new releases, and students are sure to be interested. With a wide selection of carefully selected titles and the ability to add your own recommendations, Follett Book eFairs for the school are packed with the books students want to read.

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