Promoting Your Fair

Before it’s book fair time, you’ll need to spread the word. We’ve created fun promotional items and helpful tools you can use to market your fair.

Marketing Must-Haves

You’ll receive a Marketing Must-Haves kit 4-6 weeks before the start of your fair. Inside, we provide all the tools you need to get the word out and generate excitement.

What’s in the box?

  • • Coordinator Program Guidebook
  • • Title Highlight Flyers
  • • Bookmarks
  • • Posters

Merchandising Must-Haves

When you receive your fair, you’ll also receive a Merchandising Must-Haves kit and other essentials including outdoor advertising signs and free giveaways.

In your Merchandising Must-Haves kit, you’ll find:

  • • Tablecloths
  • • Shopping bags
  • • Series Extension Catalog

Special Events

Visit the Follett Coordinator Training Hub for invitations and posters you can use for special events that encourage families and the wider community to get involved in your fair.

Local businesses, especially those owned by parents of students in your school, are often eager to connect their brand to a good cause. We’ve created resources for community sponsorship opportunities, such as a thank-you certificate and a sample letter you can use when asking businesses to support your fair.

Visit the Coordinator Training Hub. ›

Student Engagement

A little friendly competition is a great way to get students interested and involved in your book fair.

We’ve created materials to support a reading challenge, giveaways and special contests in your school.

You can also give students a preview. Before your fair is open for business, invite students to attend a sneak peek. Use this time to allow students to fill out a wish list.

Visit the Coordinator Training Hub. ›

It’s about more than promoting your fair.

Today’s readers will be tomorrow’s leaders.
By hosting a Follett Book Fair, you’re giving students a place to find a new favorite book and making books the focus of attention in your school.

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