Follett Book Fairs was created with a single goal in mind; instill the love of reading in children.

Advantages of book fairs for families

Book fairs give students a chance to explore their individual reading interests and discover a new series or a favorite author. We rejoice when a child is excited to pick out a book that connects with them, whatever that story might be. All it takes is one special book.

Parent and Child Reading

Families should support book fairs as they…

  • Provide access to books students want to read and support independent reading.

  • Help your school raise money toward much-needed resources to enrich your children’s education.

  • Give you the opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the event.

With a solid foundation for reading at an early age, your child will be equipped to excel in the classroom, and as independent readers.

Encourage Reading at Home

  • Create a space for uninterrupted reading.

  • Keep books in an easy-to-reach space for your children.

  • Designate a family story time.

Inspire reading with these downloadable resources
Download our Reading Challenge Download our Reading Certificate


Follett Book Fair Gift Cards are digital. Simply select the amount you would like and print it at home or email it to the recipient. It’s that easy and there’s no expiration date!


Choose from four different designs. The only difficult part is deciding which one you like best!

Gift Card Designs

Support your student’s classroom library

Follett’s Classroom GiftWish program gives the school community an opportunity to purchase a book for their child’s classroom directly from the fair.

  • Teachers choose books they’d like for their classroom

  • Selections are displayed at the fair

  • You can purchase a selected title

  • Include a personalized message

Gift Wish Board