Easy to Earn, Easy to Understand

There’s no need to convert confusing points to figure out how much you earned. Classroom book eFairs give back 50% of your earnings to spend on classroom materials.

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Why It Matters

It’s up to you to decide where and how you purchase books. We know you have a choice. Parents and students do, too.

eFairs are an event. Just like a book fair, students get excited when there’s something more to finding a new a book. eFairs also give parents and students an opportunity to connect and discuss reading. When a student shares a flyer or wish list with a parent, it starts a conversation. In today’s world, this important piece of the puzzle is often missing when simply purchasing a book in the quickest, cheapest way online. eFairs directly support your classroom.

Get 50% Back

Thanks to our straightforward rewards program, every time your students buy two books, it will be like you're adding one to your shelf. That’s because you’ll earn 50% back in rewards on every purchase to spend on books for your classroom library.

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The Gift of Literacy

Classroom book eFairs support reading at home and at school. While students shop for something new to add to their shelves at home, here are a few ways you can use your rewards in the classroom.

Expand your classroom library.

Stop digging into your own pocket. Add new books to your classroom shelves. Be sure to check out Follett Classroom Library Manager, which makes it easy to keep your collection organized.

Reach those who need it most.

Redeem your rewards for books to give to students who might not be able to participate in the eFair.

Use them as gifts.

Give away books to mark milestones, birthdays or holidays.

Reward student achievement.

Use your rewards to purchase books as prizes for students who reach their goals and excel.

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Start earning rewards today.

Imagine what you could add to your classroom library with these generous rewards.

Start Earning Rewards

Learn more about running your eFair or the selection of books.